Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship for June 14

Prayer list changes

Added Peg Rippy (Laura’s Daughter, post surgery pain)
Added Lou Willis’s godson – Gun violence has increased greatly in Jackson, TN. His mom sent him to Hopkinsville for the summer to escape it.
Added Larry/Mary Busch for their move to the new church.


June Potluck and farewell

June 7 was the last Sunday with Pastor Larry Busch preaching. Below are some photos of the potluck after the church service.


Website Reboot

Welcome to the new website for Christian Heights United Methodist Church. There is great potential here I hope it is successful.

What is wrong with the old site that you can’t use it?

In a nutshell, technology has changed since I created the old site. The old website was labor-intensive to update requiring manual code writing and a slow process of uploading images. The old method required me to resize large images from my camera one at a time and also make thumbanail versions. I have since perfected a method of quickly processing a batch of images on my personal website. WordPress, the software that operates this website, helps a great deal.

WordPress allows a broad range capabilites for the future. Publishing a podcast of the Sunday sermons is one example. A podcast is audio posted to the Internet that listeners can subscribe to and download to their own portable device.