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Sermons will now be posted as MP3s available to play on your computer or portable music player.

You have the option to either save the MP3 to your hard drive or play it directly off the page from the embedded flash player.  Previous sermons are available in the archives.

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Christmas Special performance


Added Paul Phillips (cancer, Greg’s Niece’s husband)
Added David Walls  (custody issues)
Added Tracy Whitaker

Memorial Poinsettia donations

In memory of Margaret and Ken Litchfield given by Sherry, Greg, Michelle, and Dudley.
In memory of Henry & Dorothy Cain and Corbett & Ruth Birdsong given by the Birdsong family.

The world did not know Him

December 20th will be a busy day for events. A Christmas special is scheduled during the worship service. Then there will be an evening candlelight service at 6:00PM.

Memorial Poinsettias

In memory of Bill Glass – donated by Margie Glass

In memory of Naomi Willis, Jackson Willis, Jimmy Willis, Mary Louise Fleming, and Dorothy Lucas – donated by Patsy, Otho Lee, and Lou Willis.

Sermon: The Peril of Shutting Out Jesus

John 1:10-12 (NKJV)


Added Debbie Qyston (Tommy Bruce’s sister)