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Every Sunday: Sunday School (Elementary and Senior Adult classes) 10:00am
Casual Traditional Worship – 11:00am | 805 North Drive Hopkinsville, KY


The website known as Christian Heights UMC located at is maintained and operated on behalf of Christian Heights United Methodist Church.

Christian Heights United Methodist Church
805 North Drive
Hopkinsville, KY
(270) 886-2597
feedback at christianheightsumc dot org

Eric Brake, Webmaster
2511 Buckner Dr
Hopkinsville, KY
eric at ericbrake dot ws
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COPPA Statement

Christian Heights UMC publishes content under the COPPA rules for General Audiences. No content has ever been directed toward children under 13 years of age. CHUMC church is a Safe Sanctuaries congregation. The Administrative council has implemented policy to support Safe Sanctuaries and this website adheres to all relevant policy.

Before the current policy was in place, images of church sponsored activities were posted online to be seen by the general public. Some photos contained images of participating children. With the implementation of this Privacy Policy all images where the face of the child is clearly identifiable have been removed. Some images where a child can be seen from the back or otherwise can not be identified remain. The rest of these images are eligible to be removed if the Webmaster receives a valid removal request.

If you believe some of your personal data or data relevant to your underage child is present. A removal request can be sent to the contact information listed at the top of this page. All requests received will be considered. Removal of data and images of children is guaranteed by law when a request is received. The sender can expect a response within 24 hours.

Updated: 3/31/2022