Sunday Worship

Sunday Morning LIVE

Preliminary tests have been successful streaming audio of the morning worship service. July 5th I am going to make the stream public. The stream is powered using a mini computer called a Raspberry Pi (pronounced PIE). The Raspberry Pi will be streaming audio only.

Raspberry Pi stream box

Listen online beginning at 10:50am Sunday Morning.

You may bookmark the above link ahead of time if you wish, but the link will only work during the scheduled worship time. During worship time any listener can click the link above and a new window will open with a player. If the player stops or disconnects you can try refreshing the same link again to reconnect.

I have a BIG ASK though, if you listen to the stream for any length of time I need you to email me at with details about your experience. Helpful information would be:

  • How long did you listen?
  • Did you experience good audio quality? Volume? Dropped connections?
  • What kind of device did you listen on?
  • General comments. All other comments about how the stream works and thoughts to improve it.